About Tammy Arnett

It was her rescue of a min-pin, named “Monkey Boy”, that inspired Tammy's vision for Pet Flys. In addition to seeing her own pet product line as a more effective way to raise awareness for animals in need, she also recognized the need for a more fashionable yet affordable brand of small dog carriers that the market was lacking at the time. Thankfully, her years of experience working in the garment industry had her ready to take on the entire process of designing and manufacturing products from A-Z. In 2003, Tammy launched her first two designs of Pet Flys' airline approved carriers and pet owners quickly took notice of the fresh, funky, high fashion styles creating a much needed stir in the pet market.

Since then, Pet Flys has grown its signature collection to include hundreds of designs, with some of the original carriers now being coined as “collector items”. Pet Flys has also grown a loyal customer base of pet lovers from around the world. The monthly Monkey Pick contest, started in 2003, is still going strong today with over 2,500 “Happy Customers” submissions. The growing demand for the Pet Flys brand has gone hand-in-hand with Tammy's insatiable appetite for design. Today, Pet Flys is renowned for having the most innovative, quality pet products in many categories across the board - with most being made in the USA.

From her earliest days, Tammy has always had an affinity for the “underdogs” and a love for animals that has only grown with time. Born in Arizona and raised in California, it's seems that animals in need have always managed to cross Tammy's path no matter where she's been.

"My love for the underdog is an unexplainable emotion and has actually gotten me into trouble throughout my entire life … but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have crossed busy freeways and put my own safety in jeopardy in order to save a stranded pup. I don't see the mange and the hopelessness in street strays, I see what can be and am not afraid to take on the task of rehabilitation, with the goal of a happy, healthy dog getting a chance at a life. As I've gotten older, I see how reckless some of my animal avenger ways were; having a company that can help both animals and rescue groups takes me off the front lines, but still allows me to make a difference.

When I started Pet Flys, the forefront of my business was my commitment to helping animals and bringing awareness to the importance of, 'rescue, spaying and neutering' - my designs reflect this passion!"